Handmade and Hot: Union Wood Co. Vancouver

We recently came across this super company in Vancouver and fell in love with their mix of woodworking and antiques… 

Who are you?

Craig Pearce Woodworker and Cara Donaldson Shop Owner — because we couldn’t have one without the other! We work together on the designs and aesthetics.

Where are you?

Railtown, Vancouver

503 Railway Street

Thursdays and Fridays 10-5, Saturdays 11-4

Why do you hand make your products?

I hand make my products because I felt there was a need for solid, true materials.  Things that were made one step at a time, each board looked over and selected.  I hand make my products because of the personal reward and the honest satisfaction of creation.  There seems to be a part of a change, a drift of people realizing the time, labour and materials that make up a product can say a lot about it.  I try to keep my design simple and bold and let the materials do the talking.

Where would you like to see them?

Ideally, in use.  Wether it is in a new restaurant, in a store, in someones dream home, or besides someones bed, I want my products to get used.  I grew up around a dining table, every night at 6 pm was family time. So i love making dining tables that get used, not set back in some formal room that sees more dust than dinner plates.    I want my products to be subject to wear, the kind of wear that breaks down other, offshore or particleboard furniture.  Sat around, played on, study on, I wanted them to be there everyday, good or bad, reliable.

What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?

With the recent opening of our new retail store on Railway, I am seeing some of my dreams come true right now.  We have crossed a line in the sand, when we used to do custom furniture, we added to an aesthetic.  Now, we provide the entire aesthetic, you can get the lights, the fixtures, the art, the antiques that compliment our furniture.  Doesn’t matter the size of the project, from designing whole business’s interior, to one custom serving tray, to a bedroom, or to a coffee table, we want each to really  speak to the industrial aesthetic.





Thanks Craig and Cara! Good luck with your new store.

Gwyn & Tamra


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