New Products for 2012 by Gallant and Jones

Prototype of our new Folding Chair for outdoor/indoor seating

The Autumn always means that G&J slows down and reflects on the past year and Summer. We get to think of new products and actually have time to make them as our deck chair season slows down… We will always have our End of Year Sale in October/November, which helps make some space and gets something cheaper out there for you bargain hunters.

Prototype of our new Beach Seat/Festival Chair folds completely flat and is light and easy to carry

This Winter we will be working on a new collection of fabrics, (so most of our current collection will dwindle) a Big Boy Deck Chair which is a fabulous Wedding gift, a small folding Beach Seat/Festival chair that folds flat and is super easy to carry (has a handle), a Folding chair that can be used indoors and outdoors and some other fun accessories that we will disclose soon. We will also have our Oak Collection going into stores in early Spring so it is exciting times…

We will be launching a beautiful Oak Tray (you can also add it to a tall rest to act as a table) for the indoors in a few weeks. As soon as that has been photographed we will post pics. We think they will make lovely Christmas and hostess gifts.

Have a great week and a very Happy Halloween!

Gwyn and Tamra