Informative Eco Websites that Give Back

Last week, we gave you the scoop on One Mango Tree. But guess what? That’s not all, folks! We have more where that came from and are ready to divvy out the goodness. There are simply too many sites offering terrific product with an amazing return, and that is one problem we don’t mind having…and sharing with others! So read on and click away.

Milkshake: No, not the dairy product. Nope, not the #1 hit song by Kelis either. This Milkshake aims at bringing you ways to shop, travel, read, eat and interact “with the ultimate goal of dazzling you with a find, encouraging you to initiate change and inspiring you to be part of all that’s good”. Sounds good to me already. Once a day, Milkshake will email you with the scoop on the latest finds that are on-trend and aim at giving back, whether it be through products built from sustainable materials, donations to non-profits and more. Give it a try and reap the goodness.

Pure Citizen: This is a flash sale site like none you have seen yet. Each weekday, you are given a window to pick up on discounted items from businesses that are each uniquely “committed to making the world a better place.” You can find beauty products, apparel, accessories and more through this site at a price you can feel good about in more ways than one.

Nube Green: Here, you can find U.S. made home wares, furniture, clothing, jewelry, kids goods and more all made from re-purposed and organic materials. This type of shopping supports local artisans while also eliminating new materials and overseas manufacturing. Oh, and you can pick up the armchair below and send it to me as a holiday gift. I, and Mother Nature, thank you in advance.