Textiles Inspiration: Sanderson since 1860


In 2010 Sanderson celebrated its 150th Anniversary!


I have always been a massive fan of Sanderson fabrics and wallpapers. I have quite a few of their designs in my home and they always make me happy (like the print above). To me this company is a true representation of what a successful British design company should look like: assured and trusted longevity, beautifully made and well finished, design collections with a healthy mix of the traditional and innovative. Whoever has ran their design departments over the years (150 of them!) have managed to be both cutting edge and stay in touch with what their customers want.


Known forSanderson was founded by Arthur Sanderson who started his business with a collection of wallpapers in 1860. Their very English collection comprises of fabrics and wallpapers, paints, tableware and bed linens. In 1923 Sanderson was granted a Royal Warrant and supply their goods to HM Queen Elizabeth II for the British Royal Palaces.

The most impressive thing for me about Sanderson is their incredible design archive (with over 150 years worth of design work and research) which houses one of the largest collections of fabrics, wallpaper and printing blocks in the world. I would LOVE to have access to that kind of inspiration, some of the samples apparently date back to the Renaissance!

Check them out and see what you think, their Vintage collection is most interesting!