Eating In Season Made Easy

Winter stews are winter stews for a reason: winter months are potatoes, squash, kale and cabbage’s time to shine! Finding out what fruits and vegetables are in season is a fantastic way to ensure you are eating a variety of foods year around that have been primed and ready for your taste buds and body’s delight.  Buying foods in season means you are eating foods that are loaded with nutrients and flavor as they have been harvested at their peak.

An easy and fun way to do this for yourself, and your kids, is by referring to this season fruit and vegetable calendar. You can clearly see that November is the time to indulge in red cabbage and main crop potatoes. Looking ahead to December, it’s the time for white cabbage and Brussels sprouts to find a place on your kitchen counter and in your diet.

A little too overwhelmed to re-haul your grocery list in order to take advantage of what November has in store for you? Fear not. There are a variety of businesses in most major cities that gather in-season foods from local farmers and bring them right to your doorstep. Enter your zip code into Greenling, Farm Fresh To You or Off The Vine to find a home delivery program near you. Buying in season and supporting local farmers is a back-to-back win for your body and local economy.

If you need some ideas on how to use in-season foods to your advantage, Mario Batali, the one man I actually trust in a kitchen, is ready to show you how it’s done. The book “Molto Batali: Simple Family Meals” is divided by months, so all you have to do is flip to November to see that penne with savoy cabbage and gorgonzola is a mouth-watering, capable and nutrient-packed dish you can make for dinner tonight.


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