Chair Of The Week: Miura stool by Konstantin Grcic

Ask me about my favourite chairs of the last decade and (as you may have guessed) I could go on for hours, but ask me about my favourite stools and it would likely be a drastically shorter conversation. I’m not sure why it is, but it really doesn’t seem like there are many bar stools as of late that are worth a second look. However the Miura stool by Konstantin Grcic is a definite exception to that.

Designed in 2005 for Italian manufacturer Plank, the Miura stool appears to be a distant cousin of Grcic‘s equally celebrated Chair One series. Other than that, it looks like nothing else on the market — and that’s no small accomplishment.

By using a highly technical reinforced polypropylene, the stool is able to achieve it’s slender cantilevered profile (if you think that’s impressive however, you should see his chair). Furthermore this super-stool weighs next to nothing, is fully recyclable, is stackable, and can be used indoors or out. It’s no wonder that Miura won nearly every contemporary furniture award in 2005/2006 and already has itself a spot in the MoMA. Chalk up another one for Konstantin.


images via Plank & Florian Böhm