Handmade and Hot: Romi Ceramics

Beautifully handmade pieces by Romi Ceramics would be a wonderful gift idea this Christmas. All Romi‘s pieces have both character and simplicity. Please read the interview below to find out how she does it…

Who are you? 

My name is Romi Hefetz, and I’m a ceramic designer, and principal at Romi Ceramics. My goal is to create beautiful objects that will make any environment more pleasant to live or work in.

Where are you? 

I live in Brooklyn and work from my studio in Long Island City, Queens. I was born and raised in Tel-Aviv, and at the age of 21 decided to come to the States and travel across the country. I liked it here too much and decided to apply to the product design department at Parsons School of Design. I’ve been living in NY ever since.

Why do you hand make your products? 

After graduating from Parsons I started working as a product designer, and after a about a year and a half of working mainly in front of a computer, I realized how much I miss working with my hands. I started by renting a space at a communal ceramic studio, and working in the evenings and over the weekends. A couple of years later I decided to open my own business, Romi Ceramics, in order to design and produce my own work. I still do design work on the computer sometimes, but I think there is a completely different relation to the material and to the design process when you create with your hands, and it is important for me to maintain this relationship.

How long did it take to make? 

From start to finish it takes about 2-3 weeks to make each piece. What really takes time is designing the pieces and then figuring out how to make a model that I can cast easily. This varies from piece to piece, but can take weeks or months.

What dreams do you have for your products? Where would you like to see them? 

I would love to expend my business without loosing the “hand-made by me” aspect of it. I have more ideas that I would like to explore and produce, and it would be great to have a business that is big enough to allow keeping a steady production line, while introducing new products every season.



Thank you for answering our questions Romi.

xox Gwyn & Tamra