Chair Of The Week: AP Stool by Shin Azumi

Bent plywood is beautiful and designers know it — that’s the reason we see so much of it in contemporary furniture design. Unfortunately as a result, much of the bent plywood furniture produced today ends up looking somewhat predictable and monotonous. However, as in anything, there is always an exception to the rule.

Enter the AP stool by London based designer Shin Azumi. Credit for the manufacturing goes to Italy’s lapalma, who Azumi also collaborated with (alongside Tomoko Azumi) on the wildly successful Lem stool. I find it hard to believe that anyone encountering the AP stool for the first time wouldn’t have some type of curiosity or awe into how this beautifully curvilinear wooden shape came to be. Made from one piece (and several laminations), the AP Stool is a marvel of simplicity and a testament to the potential of modern wood manufacturing technologies.

images c/o lapalma



  1. Po Shun Leong,

    The AP stool is very similar to my design : “Fortune Cookie Stool”, produced about a year previous to the introduction of AP stool.