Arty and Hot: Artwork by Medusa Wolf

Very much a fan of Medusa Wolfs artworks. Fun and imaginative art with a penchant for Lazer cats and bicycling super heroes: makes us smile :)

Who are you?

I am Alan Brown and I’ve drawn my whole life. I would draw in the margins of storybooks as a very young boy and on any blank surface I could find including ruining bedroom doors, bathroom mirrors, windows…eventually my folks caught on and sat me down with some crayons and paper and I haven’t looked back.

Where are you?

HQ is in Bear, Delaware. I sit at a long dining room table when i paint these days. Mostly so I can look at the work I am doing spread out all over. Sometimes I need a lot of room for sketches, paint trays, jars of water, scrap paper, other drawings (if i am doing a series), and a place for a cat to hunker down, because there is no keeping them off the table.

Why do you hand make your products?

I usually have a lot of ideas. So whenever I have an idea for something to make I feel compelled to see it through ,and not just illustrations. I also enjoy woodworking, paper maché, photography, anything creative is interesting to me. Making things just feels so damn good. It’s such a satisfying feeling to look at something you are making and watch it come together as you planned it, or to take the mistakes you make along the way and steer them into a direction that will allow them to become something whole.

I also get a lot of drive to create from memories of my grandfather. He built all of the furniture in our house growing up. Actually he built the whole house. It seemed like there was nothing he could not do. I always admired his skills and I think he always admired my artistic abilities.

How long does it take to make?

I don’t think the lazer cats painting took too long. I didn’t fret over it like I sometimes will. I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted to do when I sat down with the paper. I’d estimate maybe four to five hours. Usually I will draw with a movie on in the background. I measure time in episodes of Star Trek. When I am finished working sometimes I will say to myself “That only took three movies to make.”

What dreams do you have for your products?

I have a lot of ideas for comic books. One is close to completed and some are only sketches and storyboards so far. I have a ton of character designs for all of them. I think it would be so much fun to have a little bag of molded plastic action figures of my characters someday, like little green army men style. If not to sell than just for me to take out every now and then and set along the window sill like when I was little.

Where would you like to see them?

I know what it feels like to see an object, whether it be a painting, a toy, a bicycle, or what have you, and feel a strong gravitational pull toward it. the object speaks to you in some way, there is something you identify with about it. You just really, really like it and need not explain why. The things we surround ourselves with present a facet of who we are as individuals. They are displayed to communicate something of who we are to ourselves and the people around us. I would like to see the things I make in the hands of anyone who feels this attachment. I hope they will enjoy them as much as I do!

Thanks so much for answering our questions Alan!

Gwyn & Tamra

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