Gift Guide: The Stocking Stuffer

Handmade Stockings from the Martha Stewart website

Typically I like to have my holiday shopping done well in advanced, as in before Thanksgiving. This year, I am so off my game. I spent my Saturday evening facing the crowds as I looked for stocking stuffers and found some inexpensive, unique options that will surely please someone on your list.

Bath Salts: Whole Foods as a variety of different bath salts available at under $1 per ounce. If you are up to making your own, go for it, but the Whole Foods price is worth considering. Scents available include lavender, peppermint and more depending on what your local store has to offer. These salts would be ideal for neighbors, girlfriends or family, making it a great go-to gift.

Yerba Prima: This little fella’ will be going right into my stocking (one benefit for being Santa).  Made with Tampico fibres, this brush works as you scrub your skin to clean out the lymphatic system as it stimulates the release of waste material from the cells at the surface of your body, thus removing toxins and helping your body preserve optimum health. With just a little scrub, you are left with fresh skin and revitalized health.

Ornaments: One of my favorite traditions growing up was the new ornament I would receive each year from my grandparents. As an adult, I now take out each ornament from year to year with fond memories of my childhood. Such a tradition would be easy to incorporate into your holidays and a single ornament would fit perfectly within a stocking. Etsy has a variety of homemade ornaments available such as this personalized jute design.

What fun finds have you found in your holiday shopping this year?


Photos from herehere, here and here.


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