The Annual Battle: Gift Ideas for Him

The holiday season continues!

A few days ago, I was asking my Dad what he wanted for Christmas. His response was the same as it was last year and the year before: He didn’t need anything. That is okay but I still need to get him something. So this week I’m bringing you a few ideas for the man in your life, be it husband, boyfriend, brother, dad or in-laws.

Kindle Fire ($199) The Kindle has been receiving rave reviews from critics lately who claim it’s exactly what a tablet should be while having a purchase price that is spot on for our economic times. This model allows you to download thousands of books and magazines while also having access to surf the web, play games or check our social media sites.

Electronics Sleeve ($27.99) Make sure your Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Nook or what have you stays save by using this handmade sleeve from Dragon Designs. Made from 100% recycled wool, this sleeve has a Velcro enclosure that allows for effortless accessibility while also protecting any gadget inside.

Book Ends ($24.99) The Etsy seller Knob Creek Metal Arts makes these gorgeous metallic Bookends (and other fun things). The masculine and classic styles will beautifully compliment any office, library or random book collection that needs some organization.

FIGS Bowtie ($65) This tweed bowtie comes to you from FIGS Neckwear, a company that provides a school uniform to a child in East Africa for every bowtie or necktie that is sold. That’s right, if your man isn’t the kind to sport a bowtie, you’ll find a variety of classic neckties on the FIGS website.

Plaid Bamboo Muffler Scarf ($16.50) I’m writing this to you today from a blizzard so perhaps that’s why this scarf is looking extra nice. Crafted from 100% natural bamboo, this super soft scarf’s plaid pattern is a look that stays in style each year. This would make a great stocking stuffer too if none of these ideas struck your fancy.


Gallant & Jones Niagara Tray ($160) Handmade from 100% North American black walnut, this gorgeous tray is perfect for a variety of purposes. Use it to serve breakfast in bed or to hold your man’s cologne, shaving cream….or his favorite treats during the football game. It is also available in white oak ($140).



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