Handmade and Hot: Christmas Ornaments

It is lovely to get an ornament for your Christmas tree in your stocking or to give as a hostess gift if you are dining over at friends and family during the Festive Season. Sometimes we add them onto our wrapped Christmas presents as an extra token.

It is quite easy to make your own decorations for your Christmas tree using magazine clippings and gluing onto card ornament shapes or you could jazz up old ornaments using a can of colurful spray paint? Here are some lovely handmade ornaments from Etsy that you can buy ready made or maybe they will inspire you to make your own?

1. Everyone should have an angel for the top of the tree: Paper Quilled Angel ornament $20.00 CAD by Wintergreen Design

2. These are our favourite: Christmas Cats $11.92 CAD by old world primitives who also have other funny items so check them out.

3. Why not buy vintage one of a kind ornaments? Vintage Brass Reindeer $18.66 CAD from Old Keys Vintage

4. Set of 3 felt Gingerbread men and women $17.93 CAD by A Casa Do Guaxinim

5. Stunning White Glazed Earthenware ornament $28.00 CAD by La Petite Echarlotte

6. Hymn Ragball ornaments $29.03 CAD for a set of 3 by quotes and notes

7. Leather Key Ornaments $7.26 CAD by Blue Pearls

8. How cute would this be for a kiddies stocking gift ornament? Needle felt puppets and ornaments. $45.62 CAD by Lazy Animals

9. Set of 7 British felt Birds $146.63 CAD by Lupin

10. Crochet Snowflake, set of two $11.14 CAD by maricatimonsina

11. 6 Crochet snowflakes  $18.66 CAD by Caitlin Sainio

12. Colourful birds decoupage wooden ornaments $20.74 CAD by Cross Stitch Card Store

13. Cutest pair of felt red booties $21.78 CAD by Felt Story

14. Set of 4 lovely Ceramic Lace Birds $17.63 CAD by Prince Design UK

So there is a definite birdy theme here, they look so good on a tree. We hope you like them all and happy decorating.

Gwyn & Tamra


  1. Cynthia Craft,

    What a lovely selection. Temptations galore. i love the bird theme (even my reindeer flies on Christmas eve!) And am very impressed with your design sense and layout. I vow to be a regular visitor!