Handmade and Hot: Forestbound Bags

Forestbound products are not only gorgeous and practical, each bag is a one of a kind original and tells a story of history as each fabric is hand picked and salvaged. All the bags in these images (by Jeff Allen) were a limited edition collection for Anthropologie, made out of salvaged canvas from grain sacks from 1910 – 1940.

Who are you?
Forestbound… A small bag company run entirely by me, Alice Saunders.

Where are you?
Jamaica Plain, MA – right outside of Boston

Why do you hand make your products?
For my bags I use entirely salvaged textiles (WWII era military canvas, 1920’s-1950’s era farm feed sacks, for example) that I find at various locations throughout New England. So I get very attached to the materials I work with and prefer knowing every detail about their journey to becoming a bag. Also the design of my bags differ depending on the materials I’m working with, so every one of them ends up being different. It’s hard to make that happen unless they’re completely hand made by me!

How long did it take to make?
My bags take a good amount of time to make when you take into account the hours I spend searching for fabric, properly cleaning it, designing the bags, and then constructing every component.

What dreams do you have for your products? Where would you like to see them?
Truly, I would just love to see my bags end up with people who are excited about the history behind them and the amount of thought & care I put into every single product that I produce.



Thanks Alice.

Gwyn & Tamra