Textiles Inspiration: Hélène Dashorst born 1962

After my last post about the wonderful work of Anni Albers, I started to wonder about who is creating modern woven fabrics and I stumbled upon Hélène Dashorst, a Dutch textile designer and 1991 graduate of the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

I have enjoyed discovering her uses fun ideas and use of bold colouring (lots of neons). I found her work to be both playful and technically advanced. I believe these weaves are mostly done using Jacquard and Dobby looms, but you can prove me wrong… I read that Hélène likes to use new machinery and new and exciting yarns in her work. I also admired this rug that she did.

I hope you enjoy looking, it’s fun to try and imagine how these ideas originally formulate and then turn into something so finished and perfect. How does the loom weave such intricate patterns so quickly? What an awesome invention. It blows my tiny mind! What do you guys think?

Images are all from Hélène Dashorst‘s website www.dutchtextiledesign.com