Handmade and Hot: Reclaimed Material Planters from Custom By Rushton

It’s January and time to start thinking about how we will approach 2012 differently and then plan our actions. I have been busy thinking about how to plant some vegetables and more herbs this year so we can eat a bit more local and organically, during this thinking process I have been searching for lovely planters to buy fir Spring. I have had my eye on these ones for a while! They are made out of reclaimed materials. Aren’t they wonderful? Read our mini interview below with maker Randy Rushton.

Who are you?

I’m Randy Rushton my companies’ name is “Custom by Rushton”. Ever since I was a small boy I’ve been making things out of stuff I found. My company was built around the remodeling industry in which I did design and build single handedly of most of the projects I took on. I love art and run a gallery with my wife Sabin Aell and find myself constantly inspired by the people in our lives.

Where are you?

I was born and raised in Denver Colorado, grew up in the suburbs and now we’re in the old industrial side of the city. Our home and shop is in an area with a lot of other small companies doing similar things as I am.

Why do you hand make your products?

Well I guess it’s something I’ve always liked to do, when people ask what I do I answer I make and fix things. A lot of kids would ask for toys for Christmas, I’d ask for tools! I’ve always drawn ideas I had and there is nothing more rewarding than making them a reality by building them with my own hands. Now, with the materials and tools I have at my shop it’s rare that I have to leave to go buy something to finish a piece. Since I use reclaimed materials I really have to hand pick the best pieces for the project.

Where would you like to see them?

I can’t think of anywhere I wouldn’t like to see them! How about in place of a high maintenance grass yard or where the soil is so polluted that nothing can grow. On peoples loft decks they’re very light weight and would give people with no yard a little nature in there lives.

What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?

I hope that they change peoples lives for the better by both doing something with there hands and also eating healthier food. I want my products to show people the beauty of using reclaimed materials in ways that benefit them and the planet. One last thing is I hope my products will sway people away from the big box stores and bring them back to the artisans that create with love in mind.

Thank you Randy!

Gwyn & Tamra


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    These are selling like hot cakes!