Textiles Inspiration: Simone Shailes

It’s been snowing here in Vancouver and I have been looking for a jumper/sweater/pullover that will fit over my ever increasing bump. Which got me thinking that we haven’t featured a knitter in our Textiles Inspiration for  a while and then I remembered Simone Shailes and wondered what she was up to now…

Simone Shailes

Simone Shailes, originally a BA student at Brighton University (where I studied don’t you know) went on to study her MA at Central Saint Martins and left in 2008 with a first. Simone went on to win a bunch of awards and was famously chosen to work on a collaboration with Top Shop to reproduce her MA collection (pictured) which was the beginning of the hungry British fashionistas getting their hands on affordable young designer’s fashions.

Phoebe Philo (winner of the International designer of the Year award, twice) picked her up super quick and employed her at Celine, where, unless you guys tell me otherwise, she is still working.

I love these loops and the shadows they create, wish I had seen one of these actually worn and in motion. Somehow reminds me of those big wigs from Marie Antoinette‘s days… Sadly, I can’t find anything else on-line that would tell us a bit more about what Simone Shailes is creating right now at Celine but I bet she will re-appear one day.