Buying Local Flowers

As a whole, we have been doing a pretty good job when it comes to educating ourselves on the benefits of purchasing locally grown foods. We know by buying that which is grown nearby that we are supporting our local economy while also reducing pollution caused by the resources necessary to ship foods to grocery stores.

So let me ask you this: Why would it be any different with flowers?

Well guess what? It isn’t! Just as with our produce, flowers necessitate energy for proper growth and bring along a fat carbon footprint as they travel from distant farms to your florist.

As you move forward in 2012 and are educating yourself on how to be easier on the environment this year, make a commitment to buy local flowers while they are in season.  How do you do this effectively? First, ask your florist what in his or her selection was grown locally or is available from nearby farms.  Florists will be your best resource in finding out what flowers are native to your area and they will be thrilled to do so.

For extra help before you get to the florist, take a moment to refer to this buying guide as to what you can expect each month.  Keep in mind that availability depends on your local area, but we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised as to the gorgeous options that are grown nearby. You’ll notice that this month delivers beautiful roses and lilies to your living room or table display. Keep an eye out in February for delphiniums and marigolds. And trust us, once you buy local, you won’t go back to paying money for pesticide-infested flowers as the fresher selection will look and smell delicious.



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