WWWindow Shopping

Got that Friday feeling? Hard to concentrate at work?

How about some WWWindow shopping?

We are moving house this weekend so it’s no surprise that I have been searching the web looking for new bits and bobs to put in our new home. This is what I found…

1. Urban Wood Goods Bench

2. Medium Ribbon Banner Wall Mirror by fluxglass

3. Danish modern teak Borge Mogensen dining chairs from thecircamodern

4. Promise in oil, an original painting with 100% going to charity, 9X12 canvas panel by PaintingWell

5. Vintage Industrial Cage Light – by junkyardlighting

6. Sugar, salt & pepper storage set by paulova

7. Anatolian turkish Rug Pillow Cover (kilim) by mothersatelier

8. Storage Dresser by Kent Coffey from CIRCA60

9. Windy Lane Studio artwork by Kai Samuels-Davis

10. Marimekko Kippis Wallpaper by Maija Louekari available here.

11. Amazing Icelandic Grey Sheepskin Rug by Black Sheep White Light

I love finding things on Etsy, there is so much choice in vintage and original pieces, it’s great to have a shopping platform when you know you are going to get a story and an occasional One Of A Kind….

Have a great weekend…



  1. janis - pinecone camp,

    Wow. Your list is similar to my list ;) I have so much work to do today, and you’re not helping. ;) The dresser, chairs and cage light would be at the top of my list.