Inspired: Ceramicist Michele Michaels of Elephant Ceramics

I love ceramics. Growing up in Wales, you were never far from a Welsh Dresser with the house owners finest crockery up on show. A cup of tea came with a saucer and that’s just the way it was. Although you wont find a cup and saucer in my cupboards (not yet anyway), the pieces I like are quite earthy and handmade looking. I like to use lots of different pieces for different foods and displays and never see a problem with mixing and matching all of my collection, my poor old Nain (Welsh for Grandmother) would turn in her grave.

Michele Michaels of Elephant Ceramics

I have been obsessing over ceramicist Michele Michael‘s work for quite a while now and plan to make a purchase as soon as the online shop is re-stocked (but don’t tell my husband!). Each piece is one of a kind and is produced in a very organic and wonderful way, often using linen fabric to create a lovely texture and splashes of paint or glaze that are inspired by nature. In one of her latest blog posts Michele shows some wonderful nature pics she took in Reid State Park on the Maine coast line, I can’t wait to see how these textures inspire and direct her current work.

Michele and her husband own a prop styling company called Elephant Props and she has worked as an interior stylist for lots of well respected magazines after originally studying fashion design. Elephant Ceramics seemed like a natural progression for her after always making props and pieces to add to shoots when faced with not finding what she had in mind. I love that.

Don’t you just love these stoneware plates?

I hope you have a wonderful start to the week and are inspired by Michele’s beautiful handmade wares? I know I am…


All Photos by Philip Ficks


  1. Mair,

    I can’t help agreeing with you on this collection, the shapes and textures make a statement in themselves.Mair