Really Green Footprints

In January, we gave you a number of clothing brands to consider next time you are ready to make some additions to your wardrobe. Today, we cover an even more sacred closet topic: Shoes. Discover three of the shoe brands that have us reaching for our credit cards and making room in our closet:

Osborn Design: While doing charitable work in Guatemala, Aaron Osborn met an unemployed cobbler who sparked an idea in Osborn’s mind about combining humanitarian efforts with fashion. Today, this idea has evolved into Osborn Design, a shoe company that runs just outside of Guatemala City. Here, 30 artisans individually cut and assemble each shoe by hand in a sweat-shop free environment. The creativity, colors and versatility of each shoe speaks to the fashion influence behind the brand.  When your Osborn shoes arrive, you’ll notice each shoe is signed by the artisan that created it. Osborn Design is truly a direction that is worth walking.

ExtraSeed Shoes: Sold exclusively through Nancy’s Gone Green! Eco Boutique, ExtraSeed has developed a variety of gorgeous shoes made from eco-friendly materials. For example, factory scrap fabric ethically tanned sheepskin leather and recycled car tire tubes come together to make these beautiful flats. While this style rivals those found at major department stores, competing brands most likely construct their shoes from products more harmful to the environment. On top of that, they would sell for considerably more than the $48 price tag that these beauties hold. Check out Nancy’s Gone Green! Eco Boutique for more styles from ExtraSeed along with designers equally devoted to creating a product in sustainable ways.

TOMS: Perhaps one of the most successful humanitarian-driven shoe brands to emerge over the past 5 years is that of TOMS, the shoe company committed to donating a pair of new shoes to a child in need for every pair you purchase. While TOMS continues to manufacture and sell the classic slip-on for which they are known, the company recently announced a line of ballet flats will be made available this spring. From solid colors to leopard print and dual-toned designs, any piece from their ballet flat line would be an ideal fit in your closet as well as the child’s for which your purchase benefits. Sign up here to be notified when these flats are available for purchase.

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