Inspiration: Artist Steven Spazuk

I recently heard about this French artist, Steven Spazuk, who painted with soot? So I decided to investigate (I also came across this freakin cool Vancouver blog during the search) and found his work quite inspirational and thought it might be for you too?

From this documentary, I learnt that Steven Spazuk works with the flame in an un-measured way and turns the result into art depending on what he sees within the shapes created from the soot. That’s a pretty cool way to work, it allows Steven such freedom within his art and I bet he rarely gets artist block! My favourite is the first image above, I love all the shadowy lines and how he has worked a blade (I think) into the paper to create  drama, muscle tension and shape.

It’s also incredible to see the fine detail Steven Spazuk can obtain using the same process in his large mosaic style portraits (each rectangle is done individually). Wow…

Hopefully you got something out of today’s Inspiration.

Wishing you the best week ahead.