Celebrity Swag Gets Eco-Friendly

Watches, vacation packages, apparel and more are all a part of the Oscar swag that attending celebrities will be receiving on February 26th, also known as Oscar night. But there is one gift Oscar attendees will be walking away this year that is a bit out of the ordinary for the extravagant gift bags: a collection of items from Essential Safe Products (ESP). The goods from this company were also shared with the likes of Taylor Swift on Grammy night just last Sunday.

It was only last September that ESP founder Susan Masimore started the company. It stemmed from her frustrations of not being able to find a one-stop shop for products that are “free of BPA, Phthalates, PTFE, Lead and other harmful chemicals” to the human body.  Masimore found it ”cumbersome” to have to visit different retail stores and websites to simply find bottles she felt comfortable having her children use and kitchenware that didn’t contain toxins.

As a result, Essential Safe Products was created. Here, you can find cookware, bakeware, tableware, baby products and more that are all safe to use within the home and on-the-go. Now let’s take a peak at what the celebrities will be getting from ESP, shall we?

Reusable Produce Bag
: Made from 100% organic cotton, this bag is not only environmentally friendly in its construction but also in the countless number of plastic bags it will replace.

Life Factory Bottle:
Keep your water toxin-free and tasting fresh while you run your errands or are breaking a sweat at the gym.

ECOlunchbox ECOdipper
: Have a handful of nuts, applesauce or any other snack neatly packed away in one of ESP’s stainless steel ECOdipper containers.

To-Go Ware REPeat Bamboo Utensils:
These eco-friendly, non-toxic and reusable utensils can be thrown in a kids lunch as a reasonable replacement to disposable plastic cutlery.

LunchSkins Snack Bag:
This snack bag is ideal for kids lunches or even adult errands. And being dishwasher safe, it’s a breeze to clean.

See what else ESP has to offer here.


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