Chair of the Month: Patrick Norguet’s Compas Chair

It is trade show season in the furniture world, and though it may be too early to pick my favourites, I am confident in saying that this chair is surely at the top of many’s lists.

Designed Patrick Norguet for Italian manufacturer Kristalia, the Compas chair recently made it’s debut as part of Norguet‘s retrospective exhibition, coinciding with the 2012 Maison et Objet show in Paris.

Norguet, who has his studio in Paris, has worked with seemingly all of the major players in the contemporary furniture industry over the past 10 years and this project may just be his best yet. Side note: his resume also includes a redesign of McDonalds — yes that McDonalds.

While some things about the Compas Chair are rather obvious (such as its beauty), some things are less obvious (though equally, if not more impressive). For example, thanks to it’s polypropylene back and epoxy-coated die cast aluminum legs it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. But it’s hidden wonders do not stop there, as Mr. Norguet was extra considerate and decided to make the Compas chair stackable too, all while keeping it’s sleek lines in an almost magical assembly of only 4 simple parts. If there is such a thing, I say this one’s an instant classic.

Well done Patrick, you’ve set the bar mighty high.