Inspiration: Textiles Artist Jazmin Berakha

Jazmin Berakha lives in Buenos Aires and is an artist who uses embroidery as one of her mediums. When I first saw Jazmin‘s work, I thought it was done in paint because of the detail, then on finer examination I realised it was embroidery and was gob smacked. Embroidery is so hard and painstaking to do, it takes such dedication and practice. However, Jazmin has only been using embroidery for the last 3 or so years and loves the challenges it creates as well as the results. Aparently the decision to use embroidery in her work came from a dream…

“My work explores the use of textiles in art. Embroidery is a method traditionally associated with crafts, but for me it’s a possibility to work within the context of contemporary art as well. I’ve been always obsessed with colour-printed fabrics and patterns, and I believe this is a major reference in my work.”

Like me, Jazmin is obsessed with color, printed fabrics and patterns. Perhaps that is why I am so attracted to her work? Either way, the detail is stunning and her work is a real feast for the eyes. Can’t wait to see more from Jazmin Berakha. I hope you like…

Jazmin is a bit of a mystery when it comes to finding out about who she is and where she comes from. But you can read a great interview on the Little Paper Planes blog to learn a bit more about her artistic process.



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