An Eco-Friendly New York Fashion Week

Ah New York Fashion Week. The time every year I secretly (well, no too secretly) long to live in the city and be venturing off to the tents at Bryant Park for a sneak peak at what’s to come this year in fashion. Such was the case earlier this month when designers debuted their much-anticipated collections for the Fall of 2012/2013. Among the flock of designers who revealed their clothing was Costello Tagliapietra.

While most people don’t think of two bearded, overall-wearing, plaid-sporting men in high-end womens fashion, these two certainly know what they’re doing in both design and application. When it comes to turning their sketches into a reality, this designer duo incorporates the AirDye technique into their clothing-creating process. This eco-friendly technique deserved our attention, while Costello Taliapietra’s gowns deserve our oo’s and aw’s.

Spring Summer 2012

While the clothing making process typically deposits color on the fabric, AirDye essentially places the color inside the fabric. This method can be used on a variety of textiles, from chiffon to jersey or even recycled fabrics.

The entire AirDye process takes place without the use of water. That translates into saving 45 gallons of water, 3 kilograms of greenhouse gases, and 95 megajoules of energy per dress. So it’s no surprise that AirDye uses 85% less energy than traditional dying methods.

Spring Summer 2012

February’s New York Fashion Week marked the sixth season that Costello Tagliapietra used this sustainable method in creating their collection. By the looks of the vibrant yet soft colors on their runway this month, I wouldn’t be surprised if this Fall’s fashion week marks the designer duo’s seventh season using AirDye.


Photo of  Costello Tagliapietra from here and Spring/Summer 2012 catwalk images from here.


  1. Mair Olwen Jones,

    Love your taste girls the Tagliapetra collection is gorgeous, love the colurs the flow of the dresses, so feminine and the detail. The acccentuated shoulders and neckline would definitely balance out my wide hips.