Inspiration: Matt Wisniewski Born 1990

Matt Wisniewski was born in 1990 in Philadelphia and lives in Rochester and New York. He is a graphic artist and manipulates all kinds of portraits and fashion photography with layers of other images, creating really interesting results.

I think these images speak to me as I always see little faces and patterns in surfaces and texture and I think Matt does a wonderful job of combining different elements into portraits that are usually always beautiful and sometimes haunting. I have posted all of my favourites, but go and take a look at the Matt Wisniewski website where you can see the rest of his work and even buy a few of his prints…

Matt is a web developer by day and says he will continue to play around with Photoshop and his manipulation work on the side. I will be keeping an eye on him for sure.

This little video sure put me in the right frame of mind to tackle the day, you can’t beat a bit of beauty to bite back at those Monday morning blues.

Collage 1 from Matt Wisniewski

Do any of these images speak to you? I hope they have brought you some Inspiration this Monday?