Jessica Alba: The Honest Company

I have a confession to make. I am a consumer who has fallen under the mindset that if a product is on the shelf at my local store, then it’s safe. How could it not be? Doesn’t it go through tests and examinations by scientists and then given a big stamp of approval before it’s even allowed in my shopping basket?

Guess what? This mentality isn’t exactly correct.

You see, there are products in those plastic bottles sitting my pantry that actually aren’t that safe. There are toxins in the diapers strapped to my niece that cause cancer.  And there are poisions in my cleaners that threaten the life of my loved ones.

But how on earth would I get started in making a transition to safer products?

With The Honest Company.

Started by Jessica Alba and Christopher GaviganThe Honest Company makes the transition and upkeep of using quality, safe products for you children quite honestly the easiest process ever. Here’s what you do:

1)   Answer a few questions about you and your family.

2)   Select what bundle of household and baby products you are in need of on a monthly basis.

3)   Keep on keeping on while The Honest Company does you shopping for you on a monthly basis.

Yes, a monthly basis. Once a month you will receive a package of the products you selected. So there’s no need to stress about re-ordering, making midnight runs to the store or shopping at 10 different sites for safe, quality products. The Honest Company does it all. With products ranging from shampoos to soaps, sunscreens to dish detergent, you’ll have all your bases covered.

Oh and one more thing. You can dip your toes in first by taking advantage of The Honest Company’s free trial offer! So what do you have to lose?!