The Fisker Karma: a green luxury sports sedan

Justin Bieber
is no stranger to the headlines, but last week marked what was possibly the first time where his name was followed by the term eco-friendly. The 18-year-old was gifted a $100,000 Fisker Karma on “The Ellen Show” by his manager, Scott Braun, and Usher (not a bad friend to have!). While watching an 18-year-old be handed such a pricey car left me feeling slightly conflicted, I was glad to see that amidst all the luxury cars that could have been gifted, it was an environmentally friendly option that took the cake. So let’s take a look see at what is takes to be a green luxury sports sedan.

Having just hit the market in December, the Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid luxury vehicle that gives you 52 mpg when operating in all-electric mode alone. Its hybrid technology gets a little boost from the roof as well with its rooftop solar panel that can give up to an extra 200,000 miles of range each year if you are fortunate enough to live in a sunny location like Miami or Los Angeles.  I’m not sure it would get such benefits from my Colorado climate but I’d be willing to let you buy one for me and get back to you on that.

After its initial debut in 2008, production began in 2011. The first Fisker Karma fell into the hands of Leonardo DiCaprio and it’s no surprise that Al Gore soon followed suit. With Bieber now driving his own, we can only hope his young fans will recognize that he is a star for his voice, hair, dancing and now environmental friendliness.


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  1. Mair Jones,

    Great that people in high places give us all hope for a better future but I guess you and me will have to wait along time before we can afford to save the planet with an electric car!. In the mean time I am driving at a lower speed , recycling waste at home and reusing my plastic shopping bags.

    1. Amy,

      Am right there with you Mair! And that alone does give me hope for a better future.