Spring Cleaning in an Eco-Friendly Way

The current 10-day weather forecast for my town shows sunshine and warm temperatures which means one glorious fact: Spring is around the corner! And with it brings the itch to clean out the closet in the annual ritual of spring cleaning. Before we all start tackling our homes in an effort to purge of the old and welcome the new, keep in mind the following tips for an effective and green cleaning session.

Donate: Please oh please do not resort to throwing out your unwanted clothing. Instead, locate a local donation centre and donate those items to be re-sold or given to the needy. The benefits of this decision are three fold. First, the environment saves resources that would be otherwise spent producing similar items to what you are giving away. Next, there could be a possible tax deduction in store depending on where you are reading this. And lastly, thrifting is becoming such a fun phenomenon right now that I can promise your “trash” will be someone else’s treasure!

Choose organic cleaning solutions:
 Make sure your home is left in better shape than it was when you started by using organic cleaning solutions that expose your living space to less chemicals. One of my favorite lines is Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Products, available at your local Target, Whole Foods and other major department stores and grocery markets. Made from all-natural ingredients, the hand soaps, cleaning agents, laundry detergents and more are highly effective in fighting grime while also devoted to leaving your home smelling lovely with its incorporated essential oils.

Skip the paper towels. In past cleaning episodes, I have gone through more paper towel rolls than I want to admit. This year, I’m changing my tune by using PeopleTowels “This is Not A Paper Towel” to tackle my cleaning. Made from 100% certified organic cotton, each lightweight towel is extremely absorbent and dries quickly when in use. In between cleaning tasks, I just toss in the washer and am given a cleaning tool that works even better than a paper towel for both my cleaning purposes and Mother Nature.

What spring cleaning jobs are you tackling this month? Do you have any green tips for us as we move forward with our cleaning?

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