All Natural Easter Egg Dyes

Like many of you, I have fond memories being a child and dying eggs with my siblings during this time of year in preparation for the great Easter Egg Hunt in our back yard (where my brother usually cheated).

While the years have passed and I’ve gone from the hunter to the hider, dying eggs continues to be one of my favorite things to do with my niece. If you are anticipating dying eggs over the next week or two, then here are some all-natural Easter egg dyes for you and your family to incorporate in your Easter festivities.

One option for your egg dying is to purchase an all-natural dye kit, such as this one from the Etsy shop Jupiters Child. This specific kit includes 5 dye colors as well as mixing cups, decorative paper cut outs and everything else you need to pull off a successful dying session. Being reasonably priced at $12 USD, this kit is a great option for your Easter egg dyes.

If you have a little more time on your hands and want to experiment in your kitchen, you can also make your own natural dyes. The process essentially consists of boiling foods in water, then adding salt and vinegar.  Ingredients may include are red cabbage to create a blue egg, dye, beets for pink and turmeric for yellow (see other options and instructions here).

Have you tried using natural dyes before? What are some of your memories from this time of year?


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