Sketch Up iPhone Case

My iPhone has gone without a case for nearly 6 months. First let’s note the complete miracle it is that I haven’t shattered it or had to replace the screen. Noted? Okay. The reason why I have yet to buy a case is that in the past, I’ve grown tired of my cases only a week or two after purchase. Well with the “Sketch Up” iPhone case, Trexta has made sure my iPhone will stay protected and I’ll never get bored.

Made from recycled paper and recycled plastic, this iPhone case is not only an eco-friendly option for your mobile device protection but it also is entirely customizable. Let me show you what I mean.

Yes, this case allows you to draw your own design on its surface for complete personalization. Along with a red, blue and green marker, one order of the “Sketch Up” Case delivers a pack of 2 cases so when you grow a little tired of your latest Monet-worthy case drawing, you can slap on another and do it all again.

This case is available in models that will fit iPhone 3/3G/4/4s so really whatever iPhone you have, Trexta has a Sketch Up Case for you.

What do you think? Is this a case concept you’d consider using for your iPhone?