Hay! How cool is this company?

Danish company Hay may have been around since 2002, but their new products keep hitting right on trend and we just love their work… Don’t you like all these great pops of colour? We wish they had a store here in Vancouver…

Hay is committed to nurturing and promoting the originality of young talents as well as exploring the twisted minds of established designers.”  Brilliant.

I loved the fabulous textiles and amazing rugs they produced, designed by the super cool Dutch designers Scholten & Baijings. They work with some really fantastic designers: Hee Welling, Louise Campbell, Margrethe Odgaard, Helgo and Shane Schneck to name but a few…

They not only sell well designed and useful furniture, they also have fun with loads of accessories, kids toys, bedding, textiles and stationery. You can find lots of these and buy them in North America on The Modern Shop Website

Let us know what you think?



  1. janisnicolay,

    I love this company too! If they had a shop here, it would be bad news for me, financially. ;)
    Gwyn, I hope all is well with your sweet little girl!

  2. Mair Jones,

    Cool designs and amazing colour , perfect combination. I’d feel cool sitting in those chairs.