Smile Squared

I love finding out about companies that are what you may call “double-whammies” in the world of sustainable products: a company that creates environmentally sustainable products while also remaining devoted to sustaining the well-being of mankind.

One such company that would qualify under this category is Smile Squared. Founded by husband and wife Eric and Geri Cope, Smile Squared is devoted to offering practical solutions that improve the well being of children around the world. And today they are doing just that.

With a toothbrush.

Yes, you read correctly. A simple toothbrush is changing lives.

Because over 50 million pounds of toothbrushes are tossed each year in the united States, Smile Squared has produced biodegradable, compostable, BPA-free bamboo toothbrushes that are for sale through their website for $5.95. While the eco-friendly construction of these toothbrushes alone is reason to applaud to company, there’s more.

For every toothbrush you purchase, one is donated to a child in need in a developing country. With dental care being vital in preventing chronic illnesses, and close to 5 billion people suffering from tooth decay world wide, your decision to snatch up your toothbrush from Smile Squared instead of the grocery store will not only save the environment. It will save lives.

With a goal to give away one million toothbrushes by 2015, Smile Squared needs your help. If you’re not in need of a toothbrush today, you can use your $5.95 to donate two toothbrushes to children in need.



  1. abdullah,

    Have you considered using glass straws? They’re super classy and toxin free. I’ve seen a few brands out there. my favorite is simply straws, i love the travel case each straw comes with

    1. Amy,

      Thanks for the suggestions, Abdullah! A very interesting concept.

  2. szinteriors,

    What a great discovery! I love the concept… and the look of the toothbrush :-)