Present and Correct

My very clever husband bought me this card some time ago, because I am British and I LOVE tea. I can’t do anything until at least one cup has passed my lips (work better on this Welsh tea my mam sends me every couple of months…). I really liked it and traced back to the designers and then found their website and it was LOVE. Present and Correct got my memory banks surging for my school days and the blissful organisation of my desk and those terribly boring letters I used to write just because I enjoyed using wacky envelopes and stickers.

The British based Present and Correct are first and foremost graphic designers with a love for well designed ephemera and lovely papery type finds. If you are anything like me and you are a bit of a nerd for great stationery, vintage labels, graphic typefaces and sticky things you will also fall in sweet love so go take a look.