Endemico Resguardo Silvestre

I’m adding another vacation spot to the list, folks. And by the looks of it, you probably should do the same.

Having only recently opened, the Endemico Resguardo Silvestre is already an award winning hotel located on the beautiful Baja peninsula in Mexico. Aimed at providing “deluxe camping”, this hotel consists of twenty 215 square foot EcoLofts. You’ll notice by the photos that each EcoLoft has a sleek and minimal design that elevates above the land in order to eliminate contact with the soil and thus helping preserve the eco-system in which the hotel resides.

Each EcoLoft is equipped with its own wooden deck that has a clay kiva fireplace, ensuring a relaxing stay with striking views any time of day.

Gracia Studio, the company responsible for the hotel’s modern design, had this to say about the establishment:

One of the principal premises was not to interfere directly the land, as part of the philosophy of the project is to respect nature in every possible way. The availability of steel by our client lead to the design of the clean structure with this material, which elevates the skeleton of the room, named EcoLoft, to avoid contact with the soil. The employment of corten steel to cover it, which over time changes its color, achieving harmony between the environment and the building.

The property also includes a gorgeous pool, a fine food restaurant and winery. I’d say the Endemico Resguardo Silvestre has all the basics covered for a fabulous vacation, wouldn’t you? I’m grabbing my yoga mat, toothbrush and passport and will be on my way.