Mother Day Gift Guide: Spruce Up The Basics

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. Rather than re-inventing the wheel for what to get your mother, grandmother, wife or any other woman in your life, I thought I’d take a few of the go-to gifts and show you how to effortlessly turn it into a eco-friendly and (dare I say) better than the run of the mill products that are typically purchased this time of year.

Breakfast in Bed
: It’s a no-brainer in pleasing the mother in your home.  Before planning out the menu, take a moment to consult with your local grocer as to what foods are in-season and what is grown locally. By doing so, you’ll ensure fresher ingredients (and making yours and her taste buds all the more pleased) along with a smaller carbon footprint for your gift as locally grown foods take less energy to transport to your local market.  Don’t forget to serve your starwberries and pancakes creation or eggs benedict on a Gallant & Jones Niagara White Oak Tray because afterall, presentation is everything.

Perfume: The next go-to gift that many leap to this time of year is perfume.  Several of the department store perfumes have up to 100 chemicals listed as ingredients, many of which can cause breathing challenges and allergies for users. With JustMinerals Chamomile Nerolie solid perfume, your gift is long lasting, moisturizing, and consists of whole ingredients that are a pleasure to wear.

Another essential aspect to your Mother’s Day celebration is a bouquet of flowers. While this can be purchased nearly anywhere, purchasing flowers that were grown locally keeps your bouquet fresher longer and again reduces the energy spent in transporting the goods. See here for tips on how to purchase local bouquets with ease.

Are any of these gifts ones you would like to receive or are likely to give this year? What are some fond gifts you’ve been giver/receiver of in past Mother’s Days?


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