Inspiration: Paul Smith

I am a big fan of stripes, which is kinda handy when you sell deck chairsPaul Smith is a king among the stripe makers, I would love to have him design a special stripe for G&J one day! I think Paul’s stripes were the first thing that I knew about him. Colouful and fun, especially for tailored suits.

Paul Smith, from Nottingham in the UK, was originally aiming his sites at a career in cycling, he was addicted. Unfortunately he had a terrible accident and ended up in hospital for 6 moths where he made some friends and afterwards started hanging out  with them in a pub close to the art college. Paul suddenly entered a world of music, art and colour. Paul Smith, after some years managing clothing boutiques, opened his first store in 1970, with some savings and encouragement from his wife (a former Royal College of Art student). He started to take tailoring classes in the evenings and by 1976 he was showing his first collection in Paris under the Paul Smith label.

Paul Smith designs are a lovely combination of traditional and classic tailoring and shapes mixed with his sense of humour, love of vintage, colour and STRIPES. He has been in business for over 40 years and continues to be both designer and chairman.

Have you ever been to one of his stores? There is one in Bermondsey, London that I used to visit with a fantastic array of vintage finds and fun products that would sit aside his clothing and accessories, all running within the theme of his latest collection, I loved that place.

Look at all these fun products with Paul Smith stripes

Do you like stripes?