Someone somewhere is doing something worthwhile: Peace Bomb

During the 1964 – 1973 conflict in Vietnam, Laos became the most bombed country per capita. Project PeaceBOMB was originally created by a young man travelling West passes through Laos ‘bomb-cratered Plain des Jars.

The man stops and makes a temporary home in Naphia Village, Laos. He collects scrap metal left behind form the 250-260 million bombs that were dropped. From these scraps he fashions spoons using moulds made wood and ash.

This traveler teaches a village member, who goes on to teach his son, by today there are 10 families who subsidies their subsistence farming with their earnings from re-purposing scrap metal.

peaceBOMB bracelets have been developed through the collaboration of spoon makers, the RISE Project, and ARTICLE 22, a social enterprise that supports sustainable development through design thinking. Every time someone buys a bracelet they are supporting artisan families, the community development fund and helps clear unexploded ordnance. Watch some lovely videos explaining the story. Pretty cool zero to hero story in my book.

Have you heard of other projects like this? Let us know? I would love to hear and share more stories like this, old or new…