Inspiration: Guy Bourdain 1928 – 1991

Ah, this is fun… I have a Guy Bourdain postcard on our fridge, actually it’s the pic above, and I love it. I had seen only a handful of famous Guy Bourdain shots until today where I had a reason to go and learn some more. So, thank you for indulging me…

Guy Bourdain was born in Paris in 1928 as Guy Louis Banares sadly his mother abandoned him and in 1929 he was adopted by Maurice Desire Bourdain. Guy first had photography training during his military service and his first photographic exhibition in 1952, Man Ray wrote the introduction in the exhibitions supporting catalogue!

By 1955 Guy was shooting for French Vogue (please see images above) and in 1967 Guy Bourdain starts photographing the advertising campaigns for Charles Jourdan shoes which is incidentally my absolute favourite collection of images and shown below (as well as the first image).

I love all these images because of the high drama, timelessness, wonderful lighting, lack of perfection, sex appeal and ingenuity. After looking through all Guy’s images on the Guy Bourdain website, I can list a staggering amount of photographer copycats. And I don’t blame them, what an inspiration he must be to so many photographers.

What do you think?