Lush: handmade cosmetics store

After a dinner with girlfriends tonight, we were walking through a shopping mall and noticed huge donut-shaped soap rings in the window of a new shop. Intrigued, we peaked inside and quickly noticed dozens of cosmetics, from hand soaps to facial cleansers. This, my friends, was Lush, an international handmade cosmetics store that creates products from organic fruits and vegetables, high quality essential oils and synthetics that are safe for you and the environment.


As a woman who has battled skin problems on and off throughout my life, I’m continually drawn to companies who create skincare products from wholesome ingredients rather than the harsh chemicals are society is growing more accustomed to. Lush is dedicated to creating the best products from the best natural ingredients. For example, their number one selling skin scrub, Ocean Salt, has an ingredient list that includes:

·      Sea salt

·      Fresh grapefruit

·      Fresh lime

·      Avocado


I also couldn’t help but notice the relatively reasonable prices available from Lush. While major department stores are selling bottles of heavily-marketed and chemically-infused perfumes, Lush has a variety of perfumes, all made from essential oils like sweet orange or lemongrass, that are priced at an average of $10. Also a major plus about their perfume line is that their solid state makes them completely acceptable for carry-on luggage (always something I think about when it comes to purchasing cosmetics).

On the Lush website, you’ll notice the brand is also heavily involved with ethical campaigns that work to eliminate animal cruelty. Right now Lush is working to ban the shark fin trade by educating consumers about the issue and selling products whose proceeds go towards Shark Saver’s efforts.

Have you tried any products from Lush?

All photos from here.