VogueVert, a House for Eco-Design

It’s Ok everyone, wearing ‘green’ is becoming more and more stylish. And there are more design businesses out there committed to producing considered eco goods to the forefront of fashion, in a stylish manner. 

VogueVert is a new business set up by a financial advisor Kathy Hamm (so it must make sense in todays climate for change) that currently houses eco accessories designed by a really great list of designers. VogueVert was born out of Kathy Hamm‘s personal search for luxury items that are ethically minded so that she could be proud of wearing them.

VogueVert supports a bunch of the newest eco-designers out there, which is great. Like  A Peace Treaty (image above of their pieces), a business born of two women, Farch Malik a Pakistani Muslim and Dana Arbib a Libyan Jew, who design beautiful high end pieces and employ craftsmen and women in places of socio-political strife.

VogueVert not only supports these designers and in turn cultures and crafts people all over,  $1 of  each sale and 10% of profits will go to the VogueVert Charitable Foundation.  The Foundation will fund scholarships for eco-design students and support the protection of our environment, animals, and women around the globe.

Good idea… don’t you think?

VogueVert website.

Gwyn & Tamra