Inspiration: William Turner 23 April 1775 – 19 December 1851

11 years ago, you could find me camping out in The Turner Wing of The Tate Britain, happily whiling away the hours…Apparently my husband was often found doing exactly the same thing, this was just before I met him… That is why we have agreed on a panting for our living room! Now we jut have to agree on which one… The painting above,The Fighting Temeraire was voted Britain’s favourite piece of British art and was painted by Turner in 1839.

Rather than go into an amateur art lesson or regurgitate some facts, I am going to leave you with some of my favourite Turner art and facts that I have sketchily remembered from the Tate

Turner said his art was for everybody, the rich and poor alike. He left his entire collection to the British public with a specification that it would always be shown together. (This fact helped me enjoy them all the more, knowing they were a little bit mine for a while.) Unfortunately Turner‘s wishes have not been followed and his collection has been split up, except for those pieces found at The Tate.

Joseph Mallord William Turner wanted to hang all of his art in simple rope frames rather than in the gilded gold of the time, so that the poor could enjoy his work rather than feel inadequate in anyway.

Turner’s father, his biggest fan, lived with him for his remaining 30 years and became his artist assistant. When he died, Turner became even more of a eccentric.

The coveted Turner Prize was named in his honour in 1984.

Turner’s work in his later years was thought to be unfinished and unsatisfactory, others saw it as the work of a genius…

The last words Turner spoke on his deathbed were “The sun is God”.

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