HED: The Razor’s Stylish Edge

The few big shaving brands have been tussling for years for marketshare in a battle dubbed the“razor wars.” The term has a certain pejorative connotation because the ammo used to woo customers hasn’t necessarily been a better shave. Some perceive it as gimmickry: the development of razors with more blades, or more conditioning strips, or razors that vibrate.

But junior combatants have appeared offering the discerning beardo alternatives that are stylish, convenient, or carry a hint of nostalgia.


Among Edwin Jagger‘s catalogue is a chrome-plated, double-edge safety razor that sits atop an ebony polyester handle; and an ivory-toned shaving brush made of badger hair.


Baxter of California offers similarly sleek shaving products that have an emphasis on design.

The Dollar Shave Club
has the convenience angle covered. Members pay anywhere from US$1 to US$9 a month to receive, monthly, a razor and blades by mail.

Remember the really nasty fascist from Pan’s Labyrinth who spent most of the movie either shaving with his lovely straight razor or polishing his jack boots? He shops at these and the many other niche men’s grooming sites easily found with a quick Google search.

Of course, stylish grooming products can be bit pricier than those found at the drug store, although you’re sure to find something below the cost of Zaffiro‘s shaving line, which includes a sapphire-bladed, iridium-handled razor. Price tag: $100,000 (not a typo!).

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