The Misfits: Solving a world of insecurities, one felt doll at a time

These are The Misfits and they are solving the worlds insecurities one felt doll at a time :)

Cayla and Rayelle Hache or Usus are the twin sister beauties and brains behind The Misfits, a felt doll collection that looks right into the eye of our insecurities and endears us to them with a lovely handmade felt doll and gorgeously illustrated story book which teaches us to embrace ourselves warts and all and that our imagined faults can actually become a positive attribute if we just think of them with humor, rather than self loathing.

After some years developing the super cute Misfits, Rayelle and Cayla have decided to “kickstarter” their project. Please take a look and pass on to anyone you think might be interested and pledge if you can. These dolls, in our opinions, really can help to make a difference, especially to young peoples self-esteem. We especially love the little books, soo funny (see pics above and below of the gorgeous illustrations) :)

The girls also pledge 5% of their sales to the ICAF International Child Art Foundation to help “keep young creative minds…well, creative.” To learn more about ICAF visit their website here.

You can visit their Etsy shop or their website and online store.

Twitter: @misfitsbyusus



Best of luck ladies, we love your work!
xx Gwyn & Tamra