Chair of the Month: The Acapulco Chair

Chair of this month is The Acapulco Chair, well it is Summer at long last!

No one really knows who designed The Acapulco chair, one story was that a traveling French tourist designed it?? What we do know is that it was designed in the 1950’s and has been popular in Mexico ever since. It’s perfect for Mexico as it allows a cool breeze, is cheap to make and is great for the outdoors.

So there’s actually not much more to say other than that! So lets just take a look at some more pics and admire the The Acapulco Chair‘s simplicity and enjoy it’s current revival.



  1. jeremy davis,

    I bought a combination of tripod base Acapulco chairs and rocking chairs from Innit Designs. They allowed me to combine frame finishes (black, white, or chrome) and weave colours. You can ask for up to 3 vinyl colours / chair but you have to contact them directly. I ordered two Acapulco chairs with white frames and a white & yellow weave and 2 Innit Rockers (round) with black frames with a yellow & black weave. They look fabulous and are incredibly comfortable. After ordering online and then customizing the chairs with Innit by email, the chairs arrived at my house within two weeks even though I was told it would take three.