Chair of the Month: The Hammock

As it’s still Summer, lets give some well deserved praise to the Hammock. A simple mans chair/bed that is favoured the world over for its laid back appeal. I personally don’t feel like I’ve had a proper holiday unless a few hours were lost in the swing of a hammacka…

Theodor Galle after Johannes Stradanus

The word hammock derives from an Arawakan word spoken by the Taíno cultures of the Caribbean, meaning ‘fish net’ which were all originally made from fibers of the hamack tree. Hammocks were most probably invented in the West Indies by their indigenous inhabitants who could have used them when they learned to fish, perhaps way before the Spanish Conquests (1500’s). They were introduced to Europe by Christopher Columbus who came accross them on a “discovery trip” to the Bahamas, he noted their genius to simply allow for sleep above ground level, away from snakes and biting insects which in turn lowered the inhabitants likelihood of disease transmission.

Hammocks are most popular in Mexico and are pretty much all made in the surrounding villages to the city of Mérida in the Yucatán.

If you would like to know more, you can check this post on Wikipedia it’s really detailed.

Laviva Home Bolivian Hammock

Above is a pic of our current favourite Hammock by Laviva Home, it is a Bolivian beauty. Tamra and I have always wanted to make our own Gallant & Jones Hammocks… One day.

Have a wonderful weekend.



  1. Dot and Lil,

    Something tells me you guys would design a GREAT hammock! Thanks for the post…and count me in for a future hammock.