Baby Products for a Happy Mom and a Happy Baby

giraffe by Cate & Levi

After navigating the organic, made in North America and ‘safe for baby’ world for the last 4 months of Mabli’s young life, I thought I would share some of my best finds with you….

Zoe Organics products

Zoe Organics

I love this brand of baby products! I have also tried the mommy stuff but wasn’t as ecstatic (mostly a smell thing) with it as I am with all their baby range.Gentle Hair and Body Wash is a lovely soap that foams when pumped, it washes really well and doesn’t leave a soapy after smell but rather fades so you can smell your babies own lovely scent. I’d also recommend any of the creams and the baby massage oil. All available from O&N¬†online apothecary.

3 sprouts chicken towel, moose hanging organiser and racoon storage bin

3 sprouts

Well made storage solutions and super cute towels. We got given the really cute¬†moose storage wall organizer which is perfect for books and all kinds of small nick naks, the other item we were gifted is the racoon storage bin, at the end of the day Mabli’s toys get tossed in and there is the floor! I am waiting for a baby to be born so I can get them the super cute chicken towel.

Cate & Levi

My little sister found this great gloved pirate puppet whilst visiting Vancouver this April, Mabli adores it and the rum drunk voie that comes with it… Cate & Levi are a Canadian company and each product is a complete original made out of recycled textiles ensuring that “Each item is as unique as the child who adopts it.” They also give a portion of their profits to help children in need.


Have you got any good products to share?
Would love to hear about them.