Inspiration: Masha Reva

Masha Reva

Wow, have you seen this photo shoot before? Works on so many levels for me: fashion, art, maximilism, textiles, wallpaper, paper art and all relaid through the medium of photography…
Masha Reva is from the Ukraine and she is the creative force behind the idea, the paper art, clothing and direction, apparently she is a Fashion Designer but I would call her an absolute artiste.

Masha Reva

Masha’s MA was in Fashion, just look at her beautiful graduate collection.

Masha Reva

Masha Reva

I just loved looking at this mood board for this story printed in Contributor Magazine.

Masha Reva

The concept was inspired by the constant bombardment of information via the internet, this is what Mahsa Reva says about this body of work, I found it all on Behance:


Today a human is surrounded by huge amount of information, while social networks and blogs bring us an opportunity to create a superficial representation of ourselves in the web. Becoming a part of virtual reality, a computer data, we merge within the boundless informational field that is internet.

Indeed, I find it very interesting — the situation within the visual stream we deal with every day — from one point it is related to the layering of information within our mind, from the other, it has a certain connection with print. Developing them as the original product, going from the recycling of what already exists to the new, I want to reach a sence of movement and transformation as a result. The principles laid within are over-information, adoptation and merging in the mass of images today. 

I am focused on study of a personality being transformed in the process of developing various social connections and communication. On the other hand, I look on a human element that is certailny a part of a nature. This confrontation between natural and artificial, in my opinion, is an interesting theme to analyse. 


Big thanks to my super friends, this project was only posible with their help: 

Photo – Synchrodogs 
Style – Julie Pelipas 
Model – Lola Dikova 
Make-up / Hair – Helen Khodos 
Post-production – Igor Primak 
Clothes/Paper objects – Masha Reva 
Assistance – Anna Shapovalova
Backstage video – Maximus Chatsky

Published in Contributor Mag #5 

Project`s mood board story

Masha Reva

Inspiring hey? Masha Reva is one to watch methinks…
Have  a wonderful week!