The Great Canadian Soap Company

In July, I found myself in Prince Edward Island making an “Anne of Green Gables” mecca with my mom and sister. During our visit, we stumbled upon The Great Canadian Soap Company and folks, my skin has never been the same.

It turns out that the soap I have purchased at the mainstream stores in my town isn’t soap at all. We often unknowingly purchase “Beauty Bars”, which are packed full of chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are harsh on our skin and bodies. The soap at The Great Canadian Soap Company is made from whole ingredients, including goats milk which is retrieved from goats on site (and they’re awfully cute, no?).

Now let’s put this to the test: I have had keratosis pilaris on my arms for as long as I can remember. I recently saw a dermatologist about the matter and was told there isn’t a cure. I went ahead and picked up some of the lavender goat’s milk soap from The Great Canadian Soap Company, along with their mixed berry lotion cream. After only a week of using this eco-friendly soap bars, my skin has significantly improved! The smell is divine and frankly, it feels better to know you’re using safe and whole ingredients in your beauty routine rather than the cheap beauty bars at the grocery store.

Lucky for us, The Great Canadian Soap Company ships worldwide! Check out their site for product suggestions to cure a variety of skin and joint ailments. From bath salts to lip balm, you will find more than just soap and you won’t be disappointed!


Photos from here and from the author.