Manhattan Residential Building Sets A New Standard

New York City: The city the world looks to for all facets of living, from fashion to finances and even sustainable living. Here, The Solaire in Battery Park City shows us how it’s done.

The Solaire was finished in 2003 with over 290 rental units available to families looking to live in the waterfront area of lower Manhattan. The green aspects incorporated into this building’s design reach every corner of its construction.

While solar panels aren’t necessarily new on the scene of green living, The Solaire incorporated the panels into its design for an additional boost in energy savings as well as a unique exterior design.

You’ll find that The Solaire has a green roof that not only adds a pleasant area of residents to lounge, but it also serves to keep the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, thus reducing energy costs.

Add Kohler water conserving faucets and toilets to the picture, along with an in-house water treatment center that saves 25,000 gallons of water daily and it becomes no surprise that The Solaire set precedence by receiving the LEED certification at a gold level. The Solaire saves 35% in energy consumption and uses 50% less water than comparable buildings, making it no surprise that this building is the most eco-friendly residential building in the world.

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